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Jackson criticized the casting of Black British actors in roles about American race relations.Using Jordan Peele’s hot topic film as a prime example, Jackson questioned what a Black American actor would have done in the role as opposed to David Kaluuya, a Brit, who was cast as lead in the horror flick with a racial twist.

La Toya Yvonne Jackson is born on May the 29th, 1956 in Gary, Indiana.La Toya Jackson: For me, a life on top is basically conquering and overcoming all of your fears in life. La Toya: Jeffré is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met in my life.You are doing what you choose to do, what makes you happy and overcoming everything. He’s so generous and caring — he’s all of the traits you look for. e H: I noticed that you are very strong in your communication skills with him. La Toya: I’ve always been an open person, but when someone is around you that isn’t, it hinders and spoils everything for you.: Jermaine and I are so in love and also best friends. Everything the future holds that involves the two of us will be gorgeous. I loved the looks, the crowd was amazing, and everybody LOVED the show. I would love to open up a curated boutique that will be the epicenter of all things Asa Kaftans Beach Glam. I was so happy to have her at the Asa Kaftans Fashion Show. In fact, she had a wish list of kaftans and jewelry pieces after the show. Bravotv.com: Were you happy with how the show turned out? It was stressful though with so many moving parts, which required a lot of focus and hard work. It's a lot of hard work every single day, but I love, love, love it and couldn't do it without the help of my family. I'm in a really intensely creative place right right now.